Carpe Diem

This piece is a musical exploration of the attitudes suggested by the Latin phrase ”Sieze the day, life is short.” It musically examines the vast and complex emotions one experiences when encountered with a realization of one’s own finiteness. For some, “Carpe diem” is a call to arms, a sense of duty to fulfill one’s calling while time allows. For others, it is a pact of resignation, a calm and collected acceptance of mortality. Still others see it as an epiphany to experience each day to its fullest, for the beauty of life’s pleasures are enhanced by their brevity. The duality of life and death present in each of these different perspectives is what initially attracted me to this setting.

While the piece uses no intentional text painting, it does attempt to capture and illuminate the complex emotions involved in the question of mortality. Urgency, duty, triumph, fear, courage, and peaceful resignation are just some of the many emotional states driving the music. In keeping with the dual nature of this setting, many different emotions are presented simultaneously or in direct juxtaposition. The result is a dense musical fabric representative of the complexity of the issue of existence.


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