My work reflects an overall interest in the expressive potential of sound.  Sound is at once both physical and ephemeral, fleeting and concrete.  Much of my music exploits this dichotomy to expressive purpose.  Guided aural experience alters perception of time and plays upon memory, impressing upon the listener an inward reflection of both the personal and universal human experience.  In sound I find the most direct and intense expression of the human condition.

As a result of my interest in sound, much of my music makes use of the electro-acoustic medium.  The breadth and depth of sonic potential is nearly unlimited in this medium.  This quality makes it an exceptional vehicle for my musical and aesthetic ideas.

Words and the human voice also factor significantly in my work.  The human voice is at once both personal and universal.  Likewise, spoken language is common to all mankind while also specific to time and place.  Words married to sound increase the expressive power of both, elucidating meaning in their combination that may otherwise remain obscured or ambiguous.


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